Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Around Australia in a van: Nullarbor not entirely treeless

So, back to my reminiscences on our 1988 trip around Australia in a campervan. (Coincidentally, 1988 was the year of the bicentennial celebrations for Australia, so it was probably an appropriate time to see beyond my home state - back then flying across from Perth to Sydney or Melbourne was a whole lot more expensive than today so I'd never been!).

To get from west to east, there is pretty much just the one road - you have to drive across the Nullarbor Plain. This has all kinds of tales to tell: the longest straight stretch of road in the world is a significant one. And of course, "nullarbor" means "no trees". But of course it's really got only "almost no trees" and this surviving photo of part of our trip shows it's not always as boring as it's made out to be!

My family had bought a medium-sized campervan (photos to come later in this series, I promise!) similar to the one we'd travelled through Europe in. Of course, after six months in that one, we were old hands at living in a confined space. Seen below making dinner, the three of us almost manage to make it look roomy!

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