Monday, February 28, 2011

Web pirouette: Dusseldorf, reverse culture shock and poetry

This past month I've been a busy beaver as usual, although not just with travel blogging. Just the same, here a few of my highlight publications over recent weeks:

  • Most excitingly, I'm back writing for Vagabondish, one of my favourite travel sites of all. My first "comeback" article was a reprise on my reverse culture shock article of a few years back, this one titled Reverse Culture Shock Survivor: Settling In, Five Years On. (This picture of girls in Harajuku, Tokyo was what sprung to mind when I started browsing my photos for images of culture shock, for some reason!).
  • Over at the Europe a la Carte blog, I'm enjoying writing up a series of "best of" posts, and most recently put out an article on the Top Ten Things to Do in Dusseldorf.
  • And back in January, I got really busy not travel blogging, not quite fiction writing either, but a tangential passion: writing poetry! It's nice to experiment in other areas for a while ... but I'm a travel blogger at heart. (And hopefully a novelist, but that remains to be proven!).

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