Monday, February 21, 2011

Rottnest Island: Day trip or overnight? No contest!

In honour of several sanity-challenged friends of mine who are due to participate in the Rottnest Channel Swim this weekend, I've been thinking about my favourite island paradise - usually referred to as "Rotto" by us locals. Trips to Rottnest are an obligatory part of a visit to Perth these days, as proven by even the tour my Japanese friend visited on last week squeezing in a trip to Rotto when they really didn't have a spare moment.

But the most important thing which I tell prospective visitors over and over again is that Rotto is best enjoyed at a relaxed pace and that means you have to stay overnight. Stay several nights if you can, or even a week if you want to chill out properly. It's a beautiful island during the day, with idyllic bays, great snorkelling and swimming, lovely pub and cafe and an absolute holiday feel, but after five when all the ferries have long since departed and only those staying overnight remain, that's when Rotto becomes a proper paradise.

Rotto is relaxing because it's small, there are virtually no cars, no high-rise, and not too many places to go. The main Rottnest Island activities are things like swimming and lying on the beach, cycling round the island, relaxing with a drink and a meal, and spending time with friends and family. You're forced to relax and a lot of us need that these days. So, if you're planning a trip to Western Australia, I urge you to see Rottnest properly by spending at least a night there and preferably longer. Okay? Rant over!

And just for my friends are are going to swim from Perth's Cottesloe Beach all the way to Rotto on the weekend - I feel like you might be some important knowledge lacking - so in case you didn't realise, there are also ferries to Rottnest and this is one of the places you can buy tickets. Really, there's no need to swim all that way! But good luck anyway.


  1. I love Rottnest in winter. No crowds but if you jag a sunny day still gorgeous.

  2. Very true, me too. In fact even without the sun I love a Rotto winter - fantastic walks along the beaches and not too many tourist crowds.

  3. thanks for the great post on Rotto

    I am booked this year for a week's break on the island - and after a somewhat shaky start with my dealings with the Rottonest Island Authority we have resolved our difficulties amicably - and I now can't wait to get there. I can feel the serenity already!

    Wee - hoo

  4. Ooh I'm jealous, glad you worked out the probs and can enjoy a perfect week on Rotto - maybe I need to start planning the same ...

  5. That place is BEAUTIFUL. I enjoyed my first trip to Perth last year and Rottnest was just gorgeous!

  6. I love the idea of Rottnest and everytime I see it on tele or read about it, I want to GO. But it's a little bit far from Fibrotown, even for a few days. I will book it in for when Fam Fibro 'does' WA.

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.

  7. @ Catch the Kids, glad you agree with me!! And glad you enjoyed a trip to my fair state.

    @ Allison, yes I agree it's too far to go for just a few days - pretty much no matter where you live in the world, unless it's Perth. But do book it in for a WA stay! It's a must!

  8. It looks lovely sitting about on the beach at rottnest, wish it wasn't so far away!

  9. Rottnest Island is a good island, my scuba diving journey was fantastic and also I spend half day at Basin for snorkeling. My entire trip in Western Australia was amazing.

  10. Great to hear that Pravakar - snorkeling at Rottnest is definitely a good move. SO glad to hear you enjoyed my home state!

  11. WOW i just came across the blog and am now seriously thinking of taking a trip to Australia and visiting Rotto Island! Looks amazing!

  12. WOW i just came across this Blog when i was trying to get more info on Rotto Islands! After seeing the pics i am now thinking about planning a trip[ to Australia and chking the islands out!

    Im just curious how the weather is year round, and when is the best time to go?

    1. Hi Finny, the weather is pretty good all year round, but if you want to swim you need to come October - March; winter is not too cold and still cosy at Rottnest (April - September).


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