Thursday, January 13, 2011

Web pirouette: From Scandinavia to Perth, Australia

So, here we are, quite unbelievably, half a month in to 2011 already! Before it's too late, let me round up some of my travel blogging work for the last month or two of 2010 - I was as busy as ever with my fingers at the keyboard and my mind drifting far and wide around the world - although lately it does often seem to come back to my lovely hometown of Perth, pictured above. Highlights include:

  • Digging deep into hotel information for Europe a la Carte, with posts about hotels in Copenhagen and hotels in Reykjavik - I was going to say that I was writing all about Scandinavia but I went to Wikipedia to double-check and as I suspected, Iceland isn't technically part of Scandinavia, although a lot of people lump it in there (just as they do with Finland).
  • At NileGuide I mentioned that Perth has had a hot start to 2011, and it's still hot now - and dry, which makes us spectacularly lucky compared to our Queensland and northern New South Wales friends who are experiencing horrifying floods.
  • Getting cultural has been my thing recently at Perth Walkabout where I wrote a post about His Majesty's Theatre, along with a story about another great tourist attraction, the Fremantle Gaol.
  • And remaining in Perth, my new tourism venture Bookshop Tours is about to kick off, and I've been tweeting and blogging about that - but stay tuned to hear how our first tour goes - live in Perth tomorrow night!


  1. Just the Scandinavia bit. It''s true, and every Scandinavian is aware of the difference between Scandinavia: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, coming out of the Scandinavian peninsula Norway and Sweden allowing Denmark in because of the close history between the three countires. Technically and culturally Denmark is very much a part of the Continent.
    Iceland and Finland together with Scandinavia belongs to teh NORDIC countries. allowing for a wider definition not connecting the term to static areas.

  2. Thanks for the clarification Geir, it wasn't until I visited Finland that I didn't realise it wasn't in Scandinavia - and I was never sure which ones were Nordic, now I know! Do Scandinavians (real ones!) get annoyed by our mistakes? Or is it just something you are used to?


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