Sunday, January 16, 2011

The ubiquitous Tunisian president is gone

As I've mentioned before, my trip to Tunisia a few years ago will probably always remain one of my favourite ever trips. And while Tunisia might be well-known to many Europeans as a place to head for sunshine, I think to many other readers Tunisia was a bit of a mystery until the headlines of the last few weeks, with protests against the authoritarian rule of President Ben Ali led to deaths, a state of emergency and finally, the toppling of the president, who's now fled the country.

The Tunisian landscape will look a bit different now. One thing that made a huge impression on me during my visit was just how often you saw the face of the president. My photographs from that trip even feature this one, labelled "the ubiquitous Tunisian president". I really did get the feeling that I would know this guy if I bumped into him on the street. Although I'm kind of glad I didn't.

Anyway, what I really wanted to say was that if, like me before I went there, you don't know much about Tunisia, don't make the mistake of assuming it might be a dangerous land or somehow get a negative impression just because the major thing you hear about it is the current state of affairs. And how can you change your impression? Easy, just stay tuned to my blog and I'll tell you a whole heap of exciting things about Tunisia over the next few months! Leave your questions in the comments and I'll be sure to get to them. Or if you've been to Tunisia, let me know what you thought.


  1. Sounds interesting. I have never been to Tunisia so am looking forward to hearing about it.

    Hope you and yours are well.

  2. Well I hope I manage to convince you to put it on your want-to-visit list - it's an incredible country. Stay tuned!


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