Monday, January 24, 2011

Travel photo dance: A New York corner

As I promised, I'm launching a few new things here on Not A Ballerina this year, and my travel photo dance series is the first. While my picture pirouette series includes some of my better photos and the travel story that's related to them, I'm definitely better at writing than taking photographs, but I do adore seeing fantastic travel photos. That's why the travel photo dance posts will showcase some gorgeous travel photos that I come across - and I expect many of them will be from my talented husband, just like this one.

He's been to New York several times - most recently with me as part of our honeymoon trip - and his photos often feature New York icons like the yellow cabs. I'm always fascinated by pictures of New York because it's a city we've all seen a million times in movies and on TV, so it's at once familiar and foreign. I always like a fresh take on an old theme, and this picture does that for me.

And it reminds me, that I really, really want to go back to New York again. Are you a Big Apple fan too?

(Big thanks to Jan Augustin for the photo.)


  1. Huge Big Apple fan. That is just an amazing photo. Isn't your man clever?

    Take good care.

  2. Yes I picked my husband very careful so he could complement my travel writing career!!!! Thanks AFW!


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