Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Puzzling travel - Anyway headed for the WSC in Hungary in 2011?

I'm a big fan of travelling somewhere for a unique reason - Prague for a kendo tournament springs to mind. Perhaps that's why I was quite taken with an otherwise mediocre documentary that I watched in hospital last year on the night before my son was born - and was reminded of when it was recently replayed. The documentary was called Colours by Numbers: The Sudokumentary (not bad word play there!) and it covered an Australian team heading to Goa, India to take part in the World Sudoku Championships.

Yep, apparently there really are World Sudoko Championships, and have been since 2006. I've dabbled in the odd sudoko puzzle myself, and my other half is quite the addict, but I'd never thought one would have the chance to travel because of a sudoku puzzle. Yet people do (and a little sadly, even the rather below-average sudoko players who made up the team in the documentary got to - physical sports were actually their specialty!).

In any case, if you're a dab hand at a sudoku puzzle (and if you can pronounce it correctly - the Japanese way, rather than with that grating long "oh" sound in the middle - then I think you've made a good start), perhaps you might want to find out how to get into your national team. You could end up in Hungary later this competing in the 2011 World Sudoku Championships.

But on a more general note, and with my tongue a little further out of my cheek, don't discount the idea of turning your hobby into a great excuse/reason to travel! It can mean you travel to places you may not have considered as destinations - and they're often the places you enjoy the most - and it means that when you arrive you have an instant community of people who have something in common with you. Following my ex to various kendo tournaments in several different countries across Europe always got me into the local Japanese community, a lot of fun (and usually some tasty food as a bonus!). I also spent a fantastic weekend just outside Amsterdam enjoying the Australian cricket team beating Pakistan; a travel writers' conference was a highlight of a week in Melbourne not too long ago. Have hobby, will travel.

(Thanks to Greencolander for the pic.)


  1. Hey thats a really interesting post, i am planning to travel to Hungary or Romania next year

  2. Enjoy the trip then and take a sharp pencil for the sudoku puzzles!


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