Friday, January 28, 2011

Not A Ballerina = Stylish blogger (nobody's called me stylish before!)

Big thanks to Rachel over at Because I Said So, who's just awarded Not A Ballerina a "Stylish Blogger" award. I'm pretty chuffed really, because being stylish is not really something I'm good at, so at least my blog is managing to trick someone! Fulfilling the duties of the award seemed like a fun thing to do for a Friday (and yes, I just went to double check that it actually is Friday - with the Australia Day holiday falling on a Wednesday, this week has been rather disjointed!). So to prove I really am a Stylish Blogger, here are the required seven things I should tell you about myself, which may or may not be things you already know (it depends how closely you read my blog, I suppose!):

  1. I was quite petrified the first time I travelled without my family - on a school trip to Germany, aged 14 (there's a pic of me on this trip on my teenage travel post). This didn't last long, though, because soon into the trip I was plotting how I could save enough money to repeat the trip the following year!
  2. The very first travel article I had published was a sentimental piece about a dog on the tiny island of Abruka in Estonia. I got paid $20.
  3. I have a secret dream (well, it's not so secret obviously) of going back to teach English around the world when I'm considerably older than now - kids grown up, career stuff done. I hope by then English is still the "international language" (should I start learning Mandarin again, I wonder?!).
  4. I am semi-vegetarian, in the sense that I was brought up not eating red meat, and still find it very hard to face a big piece of red meat (a sausage is okay for some reason). I have eaten exactly one steak in my life, purely out of politeness, when a language miscommunication meant some friends in Japan ordered me a very expensive one for a dinner they were paying for. My stomach, however, did not appreciate my politeness.
  5. I always wanted to spend my honeymoon on a cruise ship and I used to collect brochures of suitable cruises (ones with lots of stops!). I didn't - we went to New York instead, a truly excellent substitute - and I'm still concerned that cruise ships don't have passengers who are my kind of travellers so I think I wouldn't fit in. Perhaps I can take a cruise when I'm very, very old.
  6. The two times I thought I might just die while travelling were both in Africa. Once in Tunisia in a very wayward-driving mini-bus on bad roads, and once in Egypt with an insane taxi-driver on a dark country road, the driver being insane because he figured he would save some fuel by driving with his lights out. In the middle of the night.
  7. Scary Tunisian road looked something like this - near Matmata
  8. My favourite souvenir are some pieces I have of the Berlin Wall which I know are genuine pieces because I gathered them myself. They are tiny and really just crumbly bits of concrete, but they're special to me!
So that's seven new things, and I just need to pass the award on to three other blogs, and I have to admit these are not necessarily travel-related:
  • An Evolving Earth: Janine is a passionate scientist who started this blog in my course recently and it's really interesting!
  • Project 183: Heath is working his way through 183 things he wanted to before turning 30 and some of them are travel-related, like his recent stopover in Iceland.
  • Semi Expat in Oz: I'm always intrigued by what other people think about Australia and that's what you'll find (and more!) in Semi Expat's blog.

Happy reading! Oh and since I've bared my soul with SEVEN things I think all my readers should admit to one thing I don't know about them in the comments. Okay?


  1. very interesting amanda. love that you nearly died because a taxi driver thought he could save on fuel! that would have made a great tombstone message "died in the pursuit of environmental awareness"
    i share your dream at number 3. would be fabulous, like a second shot at our freewheeling 20's...ahhhh....

  2. Oh I should make it clear this Egyptian driver had never heard of the environment ... he thought he could save some money (he then pursued us right through to the departure gate with a policeman because we didn't pay him what he (unfairly) wanted, but that's another story!). It was quite common apparently (excellent! cars driving towards each other with no lights on in pitch black!).
    Yes let's do number 3, we can start all over again, just with grey hair!!!

  3. Thanks for passing on the award to me Amanda!! The course was so awesome and as you can see it well and truly got me started blogging :-D

  4. You're welcome Janine, glad you enjoyed it and really glad you're getting into blogging!

  5. I am a newbie and never got paid for any writing jobs just like anyone. But after I stumbled upon your Not a Ballerina main page, I've read your blogs and got so inspired to do what your doing. Basically because I love to travel, and at the same time, I love to learn - not just how to write great articles like yours but also absorb the significant details that makes life worth exploring. more power to you!=)

  6. Thanks lovely, good to hear!

  7. I have enjoyed reading some of your posts and I think I will have to credit you with my new addiction, as apart from your blog I´ve also decided to follow some of the blogs you have recommended on your posts. I can just see that I will not be doing any housework from now on, with so many interesting things to read!!
    I have just counted the countries I have visited, but cannot beat you unfortunately, I´m just short of 30! That´s what happens once you have kids the money is shorter and you have to cut down on your "me" expenses. But I have not given up, hopefully soon we will travel again. There is nothing like travel and learning about a new culture to broaden your mind! I have taken a week long cruise around the Mediterranean - Greece, Turkey, Egypt and Cyprus, and I can highly recommend it, the best week ever with 5 star catering and entertainment, not much time to enjoy all of the ships offering though.

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by Sami - and I'm very happy to hear about your new blogging addiction (but I apologise for the impact on your housework!!).

    That cruise does sound delightful - I will have to look into that one day ...


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