Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year goals at Not A Ballerina

It's New Year's Eve again and as usual I'm daydreaming about all the cool things I might be able to achieve in 2011. Well, I'm also thinking it's some kind of miraculous achievement that I've reached the end of 2011 and am still blogging, but that's just something to look back on and be proud of. This post is about moving forwards.

For a start, I'm typing and posting this blog from my new iPad (thanks to my dear husband for giving me such a great Christmas present!). Which brings me to my first Ballerina goal for 2011: technology. I've just recently moved this blog onto its long overdue own domain, but that's just the start of the upgrades it needs. I won't go into too much detail because there should always be some surprises, but basically getting this blog back up to a high-tech standard is an important 2011 goal for me.

Secondly, something I've alluded to already is that I'd like to be able to offer Not A Ballerina readers more than only a blog. At the moment the something more I've been working on is an ebook and I'd definitely like to finish that project in 2011. And think about what more my blog can offer that's extra or above and beyond.

Finally, I want to make the simple pledge of blogging regularly. In order to do this I plan to reinstitute the schedule I used to use to plan blog posts ahead of time, with the goal that at the end of the year there'll be at least 104 new Not A Ballerina posted - two per week, at a minimum. I have so many travel and travel blogging related things to tell you about and twice a week is surely the minimum I'll need to start achieving that.

I'd love to hear your 2011 plans - and travel plans - and feel free to leave a link if you've blogged about it. Oh, and before you ask, that photo is from Tunisia - the El Jem amphitheatre - because that's one of the places I have spent New Year's Eve in the past. This year I'm in my hometown of Perth, not quite as exciting but nothing to complain about.

Happy New Year to you all and all the very best travel and blogging for 2011!

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