Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kiva loan II: My money heads to Togo, Africa

As I promised, my Christmas present to the world is to give a new Kiva loan to someone, somewhere, who needs it. As well as the feel good side of things I do really enjoy looking through the different entrepreneurs who are often from countries I don't know too much about (like last-time loan Tajikistan) and I also tend to go for women trying to improve their small business - probably because I'm a woman!

Anyway, I have (after a lot of browsing) finally made a choice, and have made my second Kiva loan to Mawussi, a woman in Adidogome in the African nation of Togo. She has a small business selling food products and kitchen utensils (quite important stuff) and needed quite a small loan to help increase her turnover. She's almost exactly the same age as me which was just another reason to hit the "Lend now" button!

And in the process I learnt a little about Togo - a country I'd heard about but not much more. It's a skinny thing sandwiched between Benin and Ghana - it was when I discovered it shares a small northern border with Burkina Faso that I was sure I'd found the right country for me this time round! Yep, I have an odd fascination with Burkina Faso, but they don't have any Kiva loans on offer there, so why not go for its neighbours. If you want to know more about Togo I rather like the BBC profiles of various countries. That one also mentioned that Togo exports cocoa - it must be a good place then!

Thanks to Julius for the picture of the jetty in Lome, Togo


  1. Gorgeous idea. I will have to take a look.

    Best wishes and love to you and your family this Christmas!

  2. Same to you, hope you have a very merry, sparkly, not-too-overwhelmingly-hot Christmas up on the farm!

    And do take a look at the Kiva loans - but be warned that looking through the list of possibilities can eat up a lot of time very quickly! I always put aside an hour or two for browsing!

  3. We signed up last night! Didn't havve time to make a decision cause there are so many worthy options but will be making a loan sometime very soon. J thinks it is a brilliant idea! We have been World Vision sponsors for years but this is kind of different. we feel like we are helping someone get on their feet and help themselves. both are worthy causes though!

  4. I've been trying to find a new project since my philipino project ended last year. To make it easy for me, I'll just go along with yours. Australia and Norway join forces for Togo! Just imagine the headlines;-)
    Merry Xmas, and thanks for giving me a great blog to read through the last year - the only Aussie blog to make my RSS feed grades.

  5. @ Rachel - so glad you guys agree that it's a good idea - yep I also like that it's a "teach a man to fish" kind of idea (but I also do a monthly donation to Save the Children too).

    @ Geir - oh, thanks so much for the big compliment! It's so nice to think of my little Aussie blog being read all the way up there in Norway. And yes, I love your headline!


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