Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kiva gift cards would actually make cool Christmas presents!

As regular readers would know, I don't usually spend much time talking about other people's products or services. I hope that means you know that I'm only talking about Kiva again because I think it's such a great idea. So hear me out ...

You might recall I gave a Kiva loan to a woman in Tajikistan. That means she got my $25, along with similar loans from 40 other people, to help expand her business selling plates and other dishes. The great news is she is actually ahead of schedule in paying back the loan, so I'm guessing business is going well. And I helped! (And learnt something about Tajikistan in the process).

Kiva has got quite a lot of attention this year because the O-woman - Oprah - endorsed Kiva Gift Cards as one of her "favourite things". (And that's like getting the Midas touch these days - as we know from Oprah's recent visit to Australia). I definitely don't always agree with Oprah but this time I do. So if you have some last-minute Christmas shopping to do for the people who have everything, head over to the Kiva Gift Card page and buy one. Or ten. If you haven't done it before, you'll be amazed how choosing who you'll loan your money to on Kiva is not only satisfying and feel-good but actually a lot of fun, and it is a unique kind of gift.

As for me, now that my Tajikistan loan is already more than half repaid, and seeing that it's Christmas time, I'm about to spend an hour or two browsing the entrepreneurs to decide who's going to get my second loan.


  1. oh I have never heard of these but what a fabulous idea! We are stuck on the last couple of presents and this could be perfect...although last year we gave the in laws world vision gift cards (i think we 'bought' them immunisations for children in World Vision projects) and they thought we had given them a bill so that they had to pay for the gift! LOL! still laughing about that one!!
    oh and if Oprah endorses them then I am sold...that woman has the golden touch!

  2. Cool, v glad you might be able to make use of the idea! It's truly so much fun to decide who to give the loan to so I like it even better than a regular donation gift (plus they get the money back to re-loan as well). I still can't decide who to give my next loan to - lots of interesting choices!


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