Friday, December 24, 2010

2010's nearly over, so Merry Christmas again!

 I'm really not at all sure how this happened. Here we are on Christmas Eve and in a week it'll be 2011. During this year I've given birth to a new traveller, taken him to Germany and Switzerland and survived those long, long flights, and somehow still managed to keep blogging through the fog of midnight baby adventures. Not only that, I've started teaching others how to blog and become the resident travel blogger for ABC Regional Radio here in Western Australia. 

So, let me now just say "Merry Christmas!" to all my lovely readers, and hope you've also had a good year. As always I'll be sitting down soon to try and figure out what 2011 should bring me and I'll give you the hint that as far as travel blogging goes, I've got a few nifty ideas which I hope you'll like. Until then, enjoy the holiday season, wherever you are!

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