Thursday, November 11, 2010

Web pirouette: Europe and Perth, both chocolate-free

As I look back at my recent web pirouette posts I see that they have involved chocolate, ice cream and chocolate. Totally unrepresentative of my true interests in life, I promise ... kind of. What I really love to write about is travelling in great places, and fortunately I have managed to do a bit of that in the past few weeks.

Over at Europe a la Carte, we have been celebrating the fourth anniversary of the beginning of the blog. I've been writing for Europe a la Carte for more than half of its life and was given the privilege of putting together the Europe Dream Itinerary in celebration - it was a lot of fun to see all the unusual places people wanted to add to their dream tour of Europe. Fun, but also a little annoying to discover so many more places to add to my "must-go" list! I've also been appointed the Assistant Editor at Europe a la Carte, which was a lovely surprise.

Closer to home, Perth Walkabout has an article of mine up now about one of my favourite Perth attractions, Caversham Wildlife Park. When I worked as an ESL teacher it was a regular excursion to take students here to meet their first koalas and kangaroos, and I still love to return any time I have out-of-town visitors.

And finally, since an Australian can't do anything without talking about the weather, I have been writing some summery blog posts at NileGuide because it really looked like things were warming up. But yesterday rain had us cancelling a Hillarys kiddie beach trip and as I type this, my garden is getting a much needed heavy shower. Of course, we need the rain, so I'm not complaining, but I do wonder where summer is hiding.

Rain in Perth pic courtesy of Percita via Flickr/CC

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