Monday, November 22, 2010

Not A Ballerina gets a big new look (and a sweet award)

If you're a regular reader (and not on RSS) then you might have noticed a few renovations here at Not A Ballerina. For one, I've finally got organised enough to move to my own domain, so you are (I hope) now reading this at! The domain upgrade also made it time for a template update, and although I'm still fiddling and tweaking, I hope you'll agree that it's fresher and more modern these days. A prize for the first person to tell me where the current background photo was taken!

In the meantime, A Farmer's Wife, my lovely blogging friend who is master of ceremonies at Life in the Country, has seen fit to bless this blog with a "Cherry on Top" award - ta-da ...

The rules that come along with this award are:
1.  Thank the person who sent it to you.
2.  Copy the award.
3.  Explain three things you like to do.
4.  Send the award onto 5 other blogs that you think are deserving.

So firstly, a big thank you to the Farmer's Wife, and if you want to know what life is like on a farm in Western Australia you should absolutely head over to her Life in the Country blog. You get a taste of farm life and a taste of farm style; just take a look at this snapshot of her most popular tags: Headers here, as I've learnt from her blog, are those machines that have bits that go round and round at harvest time; then there's a lovely juxtaposition of Pink rubber toy snakes and Pretty Things. I'm not going to spoil your fun by explaining how on earth these things come together, just go and look for yourself!

So, I've also been instructed to explain three things I like to do. Regular readers of this blog or my other blog at Becoming A Fiction Writer won't be surprised by this list, I'm sure, but if you've just stumbled in here then this will sum up my whole personality well:
  1. Travel. 
  2. Read (and write)
  3. Eat chocolate
These three things have been pretty constant my whole life. I should probably add that my favourite thing of all to do is spend time with my little boy, but that's a new one (not even eight months yet!), so I'm sticking to my all-time top three there.

And so, to send this award on to five other deserving blogs ... only five? That's hard but I'll try to narrow it down to five particularly interesting travel-related blogs that don't (yet) belong to the we're-totally-famous-bloggers set - in other words, blogs you may not have found yet.
  1. Two Drifters: This blog belongs to Andy (and Helen) who I taught with in Bratislava. They're a truly amazing couple who've been teaching English in all corners of the globe for most of this decade. Their current location is particularly interesting - Libya. Read it!
  2. Blue Tigers: The Italian adventure of another former teaching colleague of mine, Chona, who makes Italy sound even more beautiful and fascinating than ever.
  3. SHE in China: What you get when you cross a Swedish gal with a life in China ... I don't know Jonna and don't remember how I came across her blog, but it's fascinating.
  4. The Professional Hobo: In fact Nora does belong to the totally-famous-blogger set (well, I think she does) but she doesn't act that way. She does all kinds of interesting travelling and she's even about to come to visit me in Perth! Deserving of an award for multiple reasons, then.
  5. Historian @ Work: Okay, not strictly a travel blog - well not really a travel blog at all - but Jen's work as a historian and her interest in museums are both interesting and still relevant to travellers.Check it out.


  1. Thanks Farmer's Wife! Glad you like it :-) Still got some more ideas for changes but, you know, just no time to carry them out ...

  2. "A prize for the first person to tell me where the current background photo was taken!"

    It's on Rottnest. Probably Mary cove on the southside of Rotto.

  3. Anonymous is spot on. Pity they are anonymous though so my super-duper-fantabluous prize (which also was a little bit non-existent) stays with me :-)


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