Friday, November 05, 2010

Norway really IS cool, but so is Australia

So it seems that for once I'm a day ahead of the news instead of a day behind. Did I not in fact say, just yesterday, that Norway was cool? (Note that I am not cool, and don't even know my reindeer from my elk, but Norway most definitely IS cool).

You see, the United Nations agrees with me. They just released the list of the best countries to live in (and the worst) and Norway is number one - not just because I think it's a cool place but largely because high life expectancy, high income levels, and various other indicators.

Not only was I excited to see that I was spot on about Norway, but the UN list showed that my home country Australia is the second best place in the world. Not bad, hey? New Zealand, the United States and Ireland round out the top five. (How did Canada miss the top five?).

So my question for you today is: Which country would you most like to live in? Assuming you couldn't choose your home country, where would you want to live? I'd struggle to pick from a shortlist of about ten but I think a warm-ish part of Canada might win out, although it'd be hard to dismiss Germany or Switzerland from my thinking. Possibly New Zealand too, but I feel it's risky to pick a place I haven't yet visited.

Let me know your choice of country in the comments. I'm curious! (And I'll think it's particularly cool if someone picks Norway, but you'd have to have a good reason to convince me it's a genuine choice!).


  1. I currently live in NYC and there are tons of places within the USA that I'd love to try out and live in for a time. However, I'm seriously (seriously!) considering living in Australia for a year, while I still have the chance. It's just, I'm scared...

  2. Alanna, don't be scared, just go for it! I guess you mean you can get the working holiday visa?? Do it! Just remember that saying about regretting things you didn't do more than the ones you did ... and besides you can always just go home if you don't like it here!

  3. What? Are you in Norway now? And I didn't notice? I might be your only Norwegian reader, and I didn't catch this.
    About the subject: Yes, the best country to live in, but the most complaining population compared to wealth anywhere in the world. But, yeah, it is cool in many ways. I still live here.

  4. LOL no sorry Geir, I haven't made it back to Norway yet. One day!!
    Most complaining? And we always think that honour belongs to the British! I will have to amend my thinking!!

  5. Well, if you go to Norway, tell me, and I'll show you the complainers and the not so complaining.


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