Monday, October 04, 2010

Great travel souvenirs: Bring me something (Colombian) to eat!

One of our best friends just came back from a month in Colombia, her home country, and we caught up for the first time since her trip last night. Not only was it great to hear about her time back home and see pictures of Bogota, Medellin and countryside areas in between, but it was also exciting to see what souvenirs she'd brought us! Here they are:

Honestly, these are the absolute perfect souvenirs for us. Colombian coffee - reputedly some of the world's best (and perfect for my coffee-loving husband), Colombian chocolates (perfect for me, also for my husband but I'll try to fight him off a bit), and a packet of soup mix to make "ajiaco", a delicious traditional soup that they've cooked for us several times in the past.

All this sure beats the trinkety junk that some people bring back as souvenirs or gifts - although maybe that's the perfect souvenir for others. Something truly Colombian, and edible - that's perfect for me. Thanks Claudia!

What kind of souvenir gifts do you like to give or receive? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Hi Amanda, I just read this and I am very glad you like my souveniers from Colombia.

    My favourite souvenier would be post cards and chocolates jajaja. Claudia

  2. Thanks again, Claudia! I tried the chocolate already and it was delicious!!

    Actually I brought some chocolates from Switzerland to share with friends ... but Jan ate them all!!

  3. Great Idea!!! Going to Colombia in March 2012, and I will look for these myself..Thanks again for the great tips!!


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