Thursday, September 09, 2010

Web pirouette: Cathedrals, ice cream and The Big Issue

This blog's been a little quiet while I've been away travelling in Europe for a month - after all, a travel writing life can't be all writing, can it! I spent the time visiting all my in-laws in various parts of Germany and Switzerland, eating far too much and having a ball - although not exactly enjoying summer weather, but that's Europe for you. If you want a good summer, you have to come to Perth instead! However, I have managed a few publications recently, including the following:
  • I've already started writing up some of the articles that will come out of the trip, including talking about my visit to Cologne Cathedral at Europe a la Carte.
  • A new site I'm working for, Perth Walkabout, has just launched and one of my articles is up already, talking about the place I usually get my Sunday afternoon ice cream - Hillarys Boat Harbour, and the various dining options that exist there.
  • As I often try to do, I've been encouraging my readers to pick up a copy of The Big Issue from a vendor on the streets of Perth. For all those people who don't contribute to charities because they think the money doesn't get to the people who need it - Big Issue sellers get half of it straight away, so you know you are helping a real living, breathing person who needs it. And who will thank you for it. Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now.
  • And just to show I'm not all travel and fun, I'm still writing about mortgages, too, partly because it's actually interesting and partly because it helps pay the mortgage.

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