Thursday, September 23, 2010

Picture pirouette: One of many Danube views

I lived there for a year, but I just noticed that I've never done a picture pirouette post for Slovakia, even though it really is one of my favourite places (yes, I'm biased, but living somewhere and making great friends tends to do that to you!). So here it is:

This view is at the ruins of Devin Castle just outside Bratislava, looking down over part of the castle and to the Danube River, which flows by. Since I lived there I believe a resort-ish hotel has gone up nearby (can any Bratislavans confirm or deny that for me?) which seems like a shame. Anyway, if you take a Vienna-Bratislava-Budapest Danube cruise, increasingly popular these days, look out for Devin Castle shortly before you're due to arrive in Bratislava.

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