Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My favourite Aussie animal gets $8 million

Here's something unusual: a good news story from the media. It's about my favourite Australian animal so I just have to share it. We're not talking koalas or kangaroos, although I'm rather partial to them too - but my favourite is the humble wombat. That's me holding one at Caversham Wildlife Park a couple of years ago (she was pretty heavy, by the way!).

So the big good news story is that an anonymous but rather wealthy man from the United States was so taken by the plight of this endangered animal that he decided to donate A$8 million. Just like that! Well, to be accurate, he's going to give the Wombat Awareness Association a million bucks a year for the next eight years. I have a feeling that this will save a fair few wombats, right? I'm all for that and this means when you all come to visit Australia soon there'll be more wombats for you to see. And perhaps to cuddle, like I did!

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