Sunday, September 12, 2010

Digital storytelling: Travellers can learn how from Jen in Perth

Do you dread being asked around to watch your friend's holiday videos? You wouldn't feel that way if your friend was Jen Griffiths, who, lucky for me, is a friend of mine, and also a master of digital storytelling. She agreed to a short interview for Not A Ballerina about digital storytelling, travelling and Western Australia.

Digital storytelling seems so cool, but most people don't know about it. Can you sum it up in a sentence for me?

A sentence!? Hard to do but something like: 'telling your own story using photos and your voice' but it is actually more than that - collaborative, community-building, emotive, powerful, moving, transformational...I think one of the reasons people don't know about it is that it *is* hard to explain! That doesn't mean they are hard to make though! See, told you I couldn't do it in a sentence!

Travellers would make great digital storytellers, right? Can you give some tips on how travellers could turn their experiences into digital stories?

Absolutely they would make great digital storytellers! I think, no matter your specific topic, the stories about you and your journeys in life are the best ones. So the best travel stories would be about YOU in the places you've been (how you changed, what you found out about yourself, why you went etc.), not just about the places you've been. Travel digital stories are also relatively easy to make because you often have heaps of photos to choose from.

Travellers would be most welcome at my UWA Extension course in October! They can enrol here. (Amanda's note: And I'd encourage you to do so, it'll be a great weekend.)

I've seen your great story on Kalgoorlie (and everyone should click over there and have a look) - but what's your favourite place in Western Australia and why? And in the rest of the world?

My favourite place in WA would be Rottnest just because I have so many wonderful memories from there. But I am discovering some pretty amazing places now I'm back in WA, so there may be a change soon!

The rest of the would be Paris, if I'm truthful. I know that is so unoriginal! I'm off there in January and I can't wait. But Sweden would have to be a very close second and I'd love to get back there one day.

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  1. Thanks for the awesome interview, Amanda! :)


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