Monday, August 02, 2010

Cultural icons II: Australia has a castle, too!

Seems I'm going through a phase for musing on Aussie icons, and after I professed my love for Vegemite last week I'm moving on to Aussie film culture with a truly classic Australian film, The Castle. You can get a taste for it in this YouTube clip but you really need to see it all and even then, unless you're Australian, you may not really get it. But for me, it's just a beautiful film and it's pure Aussie.

But the reason I'm going all cultural again is because the house that was used for the filming of The Castle is apparently up for rent. For those who don't know the movie, the "castle" of the film is a simple house owned by the Kerrigan family, located near the airport - the government tries to repossess the land to expand the airport but the Kerrigans fight against this compulsory acquisition because "a man's home is his castle". And this castle is empty and looking for tenants at the moment for just A$300 a week. Of course, you have to live right under a flight path ... but it's a piece of Australian cultural history! I reckon it should be turned into a museum instead. Okay, Aussie cultural rant over now, thanks for listening.

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