Saturday, July 03, 2010

Web pirouette: Chocolate freckles and depresssing underground stations

I've been trying to keep warm through this chilly Perth winter by keeping my fingers hammering away at the keyboard. (And don't tell me Perth doesn't have a cold winter. It's definitely not that cold - although temperatures approach freezing at night - but our houses are only built for summer. That makes it colder here than in my flat in Germany, okay?!). And some of the pieces I've produced have been published recently, including:
  • Perth supermarket sweep: Aussie snacks for travellers at Nile Guide (where I'm the local expert for Perth). Nile likes to set fun challenges for its writers, and this week was to grab some tasty snacks for travellers from your local supermarket. Needless to say I rather enjoyed this challenge (and the delicious chocolate freckles in the photo above are part of it. Or should I say were part of it. All gone now).
  • At Europe A La Carte I pondered the new Dostoeveskaya metro station in Moscow, a monument to my favourite Russian author, and the subject of current controversy - because the artwork at the station depicts scenes from his (sometimes depressing) novels, some people think it will become a key destination for suiciders. I hope not ...
  • And at Yonder Europe I was given permission to give the world my thoughts on homestays, at least the kind for travellers that I've taken part in, most notably during my trips to Russia.
  • In my few spare moments I've also been getting back into some of my fiction writing - I managed to finish some revisions to my current novel manuscript to submit it to a major contest here.

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