Thursday, June 17, 2010

Choosing my three favourite spots in Western Australia

Recently a campaign being run by the STA got in contact with me to find out what I thought about places to visit in Western Australia. There's nowhere in the world I'd rather help promote than my home state - I'm not saying that patriotically but because it's an incredible diverse place (bigger than most countries) with such a great range of sights for tourists to check out. Being asked to pick my three favourite was a bit of a challenge but at least for today I've narrowed it down to these three:

  1. Mulka Caves near Wave Rock
    Quite a lot of tourists visiting Western Australia make it out to Wave Rock, a unique (and very impressive) rock formation east of Perth. But most of them do it in a rapid day trip without the time to poke around the area. I spent a whole Easter out there instead and one of the most pleasant surprises was the Mulka Caves, with old Aboriginal artwork there in situ. It's a low-key place to visit, and ideal if you're there alone like we were, but to me, it epitomises a really important part of Western Australian culture.
  2. Karijini National Park I was going to pick one part of this incredible national park up in the Pilbara (north-west of Western Australia) but it's all so beautiful that I can't decide. There are a series of gorges and rockpools and red dirt everywhere and fantastic hiking trails and ... well, it's one of those special places you have to see to believe.
  3. Cape Leeuwin
    The south-western tip of Western Australia is marked by the Cape Leeuwin lighthouse just off the town of Augusta. It's also the point where the Indian and Southern Oceans meet, if you want to know. In any case, the lighthouse is scenic but more important than going up inside the lighthouse (nice enough, but not essential) is to get yourself a snack at the cafe below - ideally some scones and cream for a late breakfast or a perfect afternoon tea - while you're enjoying the view. I love it!


  1. For sone reason Perth has been a dream destination of mine, but now you've given me more reasons to visit Western Australia.

  2. Just discovered you through Budget Travel's tweep. Nice list!

    As Perth's my second home after Dubai (my family live there so we get back when we can and wrote a couple of LP guidebooks to Perth&WA & scores of articles on the place), I have a soft spot for the whole state! It's the best, isn't it?

    My favorites would have to be:
    * Broome - spent a lot of time there & it has a magic that no place in Australia has, plus heavenly Cable Beach, lively art scene, delish food, & great location for exploring more.
    * Margaret River region - hard to beat that combination of divine beaches, wonderful wine, fab food, and charming countryside, and
    * Gibb River Rd and all the stunning scenery and extraordinary spots you can * Karijini and all the other unique national parks, such as Purnululu and Kalbarri in the north, and all the remote coastal national parks of the south... ah, and then there's the...
    * Southern Coast - Esperance, Albany, Augusta, they're all so charming, oozing history and with gorgeous beaches...

    Geir, there are a few more reasons for you to visit WA!

  3. Thanks Geir and Lara. Lara, your list of favourites sounds great too - I've never made it up as far as Broome but it is definitely on my wishlist. And now that I think about it I'm surprised I didn't put Esperance and its incredible beaches in my top 3.


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