Tuesday, May 18, 2010

T-shirt travel: Slovakia is getting tourist-savvy

This T-shirt is an exception to my usual T-shirt travels, because it came to me some time after I'd left Slovakia - when my Slovak friends came out to Australia to stay last year. And the interesting thing is I think that's the only way I could have got it, because back when I lived in Slovakia - 2003/2004, not altogether so long ago, but a long time for a post-communist nation - I don't think such a T-shirt existed.

Not that tourist souvenirs hadn't started up back then, but I don't remember them being quite so advanced, plus if you look closely at this shirt it's all written in English (the seasons are inscribed on the side of each picture).

The other interesting thing is it doesn't tell you a whole lot about Slovakia. I presume the mountain should represent the High Tatras in the north of the country; as for the sheep and the changing seasons, it could be anywhere. I don't even remember seeing any sheep while I lived there. But hey, it's still a cute shirt.

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