Saturday, May 08, 2010

A new traveller is born

You might not have noticed, but Not A Ballerina has been running on autopilot for a month or so. I was organised enough to plan ahead and write some posts to keep you all interested while I learnt about life with our newborn baby. Yep, that's him above. He's not always quite as peaceful as he looks there, but he is definitely an angel.

Yes, a new traveller has entered our family. Within days of his birth, I was on the phone with the airline to add a ticket to him for our trip back to Germany later this year to introduce him to the other half of his family. Of course, speaking to an airline was a frustrating experience - they created his ticket wrongly, naming him Roben instead of Ruben, and when I tried to call back to get it corrected, I got caught up in the week of Icelandic volcano ash problems and spent hours on hold before I finally got them to fix their mistake. (Of course, I wanted to add him online, the way I bought the original tickets, but it wasn't possible).

My next job is to get him a passport - the challenge there is getting a photograph that meets the Australian requirements for passport photos. I've heard that can be quite tricky! Of course the real challenge will be flying with a four-month-old baby, but we've got a little while to prepare for that.

Anyway, I hope to be back blogging a bit more regularly now that we're nearly used to having the beautiful Ruben around with us. Fingers crossed that he keeps sleeping so well and I'll be able to fit some blogging in! Thanks for sticking with me.


  1. Oh. He's beautiful. I have a little Reuben too. xx

  2. Snap! My youngest is Ruben as well. He's about 5 weeks younger than yours.
    He's gorgeous. You will be forgiven missing some posts when you've got this little man vying for your attention. Happy Easter!

  3. Oh, gorgeous! And now he will be coming up to his first birthday!

    (Just popped over from the Fibro)

  4. Goodness me - two more Ruben/Reubens! (We had to go with the Ruben spelling so the German half of his relatives would pronounce it the same way we do). Yes, he's just turned one, much to our amazement, that was easily the fastest year of our lives. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. That is a divine photos. And I love the name Ruben. I tried to talk The Builder into it for one of our boys, but no go. Sigh. Happy first birthday!

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.

  6. Oh, photographing a baby is quite a challenge. We had to go back to the shop three times, and ended up having to take the top of one shot and the bottom of another and put the two together. This can't possibly be what you are supposed to be doing for a passport photo, but if we had to wait for my son to look at the camera and close his mouth at the same time, we wouldn't be going anywhere until he was about 2.

    Ruben is gorgeous and don't you just love those sleeping peaceful photos.

  7. Actually we must have gone to a baby passport photo genius - they put Ruben on a mat on the floor, he squirmed and screamed wildly for a minute, and suddenly they had this passport-appropriate image - I was there the whole time and never saw him look at the camera or stop crying so it's still a mystery to me but it worked!

    And thanks all for the lovely compliments :-)

  8. He is really beautiful. Nice post. I love travelling too so i know how it is to get that rush of adrenaline when you have to jump on the next flight to somewhere. Wishing you more travelling adventures with your little one :)

  9. Ooh yes I love that travel adrenaline rush! I get it just by looking up flights on an airline website :-) Hmm might go and do that now ...


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