Sunday, March 14, 2010

World Cup fever makes me think about Ghana travels

You might remember I have a slightly odd obsession with the soccer World Cup, built up through travels which have coincided perfectly with the last two tournaments in Germany, Japan and Korea. Well, I won't be heading to South Africa this year, but I will be watching closely on TV. And the important games for me will be the initial round matches between the Group D teams: Australia, Germany, Serbia and Ghana.

I'm pretty in tune with Australia and Germany, having lived in both countries, and of course my German other half keeps me well-informed (mostly about how Germany is going to beat Australia, and sadly of course he's probably right, but you never know. I've got my fingers crossed, rather than the German version of "pressing the thumbs"). I'm no big expert on Serbia, but I've taught a few Serbian students, got very close to Serbia itself (never quite stepped over the border though) and can at least imagine a bit about what it's like.

But Ghana, well, that's another matter entirely. Having Ghana in our group has got me all intrigued about this country - all I know is that it's in Africa and while I guessed it was on the west side, I had to check a map to confirm that this was true. I then did a bit of research and found that my enthusiasm for daydreaming about future travels in Ghana is well-founded: lots of guides call it "Africa for beginners", because it's relatively prosperous, safe and tourist-friendly. Since it was a British colony, English or pidgin English are common so getting in contact with the locals shouldn't be too difficult. Lonely Planet tells me Ghana's got beautiful beaches, old fishing villages and ruined European forts, wildlife viewing in the north, and traditional crafts galore.

Sounds interesting. It's on my (long) list of want-to visits. It's funny, sometimes, how places end up on this list, but I'm always happy to say "I want to go to Ghana because they're in our group at the World Cup" rather than just say "because I want to". It makes for a better story.

By the way, if anyone's been to Ghana, please let me know in the comments if I'm on the right track, and what the best parts of the country are.

Image: Thanks to Zug55 via Flickr/Creative Commons

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  1. Hey! I've never been to Ghana myself, but you may want to try checking in with Lillie over at She's been volunteering in Ghana since January and she ought to have a TON of information for you about the country!


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