Saturday, March 27, 2010

Travelling to writers' festivals - Combining my two loves

I'm a massive fan of Writers' Festivals, which in my experience are usually really inspiring occasions for writers - but they're definitely not just for writers, because I think anyone who loves reading can also get so much out of them, not least hearing your favourite writers speak and getting to meet them in person.

So far, my writing festival experience has been limited to Perth and Melbourne, but one day I'm determined to make it to Indonesia to the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival - the postcard advertising the last one hangs on my pin-up board right now. And recently in The Age I read an article recommending a few more - Rosemarie Milsom's A world of wordsmiths piece also mentions New York, Jaipur and Vancouver as great writers' festival destinations, along with one Australian festival I really must get to, since I love the town already - the Byron Bay Writers Festival which is usually held in August.

There's really nothing like combining your hobbies with travelling, I think - it's really getting the best of both worlds. Whether you travel to watch your favourite sports team play, or to take part in a SciFi convention or like me, your taste is for writers' festivals, I think it makes for a special experience. Anyone agree? Let me know what special kind of trips you've made in the comments.

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