Thursday, March 11, 2010

Passport pirouette: Taiwan lets me in without a visa

I don't believe I've ever been to China, but my passport says I have.

Yep, I spent six days in Taiwan and of course, the passport stamps say R.O.C. - Republic of China, the official Chinese name for Taiwan. I've been mentioning the Taiwan/China thing for a few years now - right back to when China was confiscating guide books which mentioned Taiwan as a separate entity - but nothing seems to have changed. Well, I should say nothing has changed for the better - my Taiwanese students told me that although the current president has no plans to reunify with China, he is being particularly friendly and has initiated all kinds of trade relationships with the mainland.

But enough of that. My Australian passport got me into Taiwan without a visa - that couldn't happen in mainland China, so there's another difference - and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. Thanks, Taiwan!

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