Thursday, February 25, 2010

T-shirt travel: Good morning Vietnam

In the continuing tales of countries-I'm-surprised-I-haven't-blogged-about-more: let me present Vietnam. I spent nearly two weeks traversing the coastline of Vietnam while I lived in Japan, using the Reunification "Express" train (in quote marks because it was the slowest train I've ever taken) to wend my way from Ho Chi Minh City up to Hanoi, with some fantastic stops along the way.

This ubiquitous T-shirt probably came from HCMC, because I'd arrived with an almost empty backpack on tips that shopping was great and cheap, and I could fill up the backpack along the way. That turned out to be quite true. More surprising was the fact I could fill my stomach up on tasty bakery treats - I hadn't realised the leftover French influence was so strong. Vietnam's becoming a pretty trendy place to visit and I've seen some suggestions that parts are already over-touristed and spoiled, so get there soon!


  1. I loved the food in Vietnam - some of the best I had in Asia!

    1. Yes great point Adam - I had some delicious meals in Vietnam too. Along with all those delicious French-influenced bakery treats!


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