Monday, February 08, 2010

Peter Greenberg uncovers Perth - Australia's "best kept secret"

You don't need to convince me that Perth is a great place to visit. I've lived here most of my life, and know lots of its lovely spots - like Kings Park, in this picture, where you can, well, relax, like this guy in the front.

But even more knowledgeable people than me are saying nice things about Perth. Famous travel journo Peter Greenberg just posted a really detailed Off the Brochure Travel Guide to Perth on his site, and not only was it reasonably accurate, it was also full of compliments, like the quote in the title that Perth might be Australia's "best kept secret". It's also pretty spot on with recommending the right places, including being up-to-date with good pubs and clubs.

And when I say reasonably accurate, I'm probably being picky about the errors (actually made by contributor Jamie Stringfellow, presumably not from Perth). He calls us "Perthies", for example, when we either get called "Perthites" or "Sandgropers". He also overdoes it on the sailing theme a bit - yes, we had the America's Cup here, yes you can sail on our river, but the average person probably doesn't do it.

Anyway, you all know I'm going to keep banging on about Perth until you visit, so you might as well just book your flights. Check out the Nile Guide to Perth which I'm gradually bringing up-to-date for more ideas on what you can do in my fair city.

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