Monday, January 18, 2010

Web pirouette: Homecoming, drug scares and my hometown

I've been spreading my virtual wings a bit in the last few weeks and have some publications in a couple of new places:
  • Continuing that interest in reverse culture shock, Communitrip asked me to write this piece on When Travelling Ends: The Good and Bad of Coming Home.
  • One of my most oft-told stories has finally made it into (virtual) print - at Xtreme Travel Stories you can read my tale of Drugs in the Ceiling: Welcome to Taipei. You might even be able to click on the stars to vote for my story (to win their quarterly competition) but there's a bit of a bug and some people, like me, can't get that voting thing to work. It's still a fun story.
  • I mentioned I've started working as the Perth Local Expert at Nile Guide, and it's a lot of fun to promote my home - you can check out my new 5-day trip guide for the best of Perth. It includes a visit to see this friendly koala, in case you were wondering what he's doing here.

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