Tuesday, December 22, 2009

T-shirt travel: 2006 World Cup fever in Germany

For a gal didn't know the first thing about soccer - aka football - while growing up in a country where football meant something totally different (non-Aussies, check out Wikipedia's explanation of AFL), I've really become a big fan of at least the every-four-years excitement of the FIFA World Cup.

And I've got the T-shirt to prove it:

You might recall I blogged about the 2006 World Cup at the time, celebrating every time Australia won a game, and I even went out to watch the Australian team train one day as they were staying near my town. This was the T-shirt the Australian supporters put out for Oz fans - yes, if you didn't know, the Australian team is known as the Socceroos - and I love the fact that they made a joke about the town name of Öhringen - "the town with 2 dots", since we Aussies don't know we could call it an umlaut. About the only thing missing from the whole affair were some actual living kangaroos, but the pictures were everywhere.

I've said it before: travel somewhere to see your favourite sports tournament. There's something so special about combining regular sightseeing and looking around with the atmosphere that comes with a whole bunch of sports fans turning up too.

Latest news: Unfortunately for this household, Germany and Australia have been drawn in the same group for the World Cup, along with Ghana and Serbia. Come June 16, 2010, when Germany plays Australia in Durban, you might want to stay clear of our living room.

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