Sunday, December 13, 2009

Successful writing about Heilbronn, Germany

There's a not-so-well-known town in south-west Germany that is special to me for several reasons. I lived and worked there for a couple of years, met my husband and got married there (can you see the tiny bridal couple in this photo of the town hall?) and, from a writing perspective, my most popular article ever is about this town.

I'm talking about Heilbronn, a town in Baden-W├╝rttemberg, population around 120,000. I taught in-company English at firms in and around Heilbronn from 2004 to 2006, before I moved back to Australia. Not long after that, I wrote the article Visiting Heilbronn, Germany: Where To Stay and What To Do for Hubpages, a site I used to write for quite regularly. It gives an overview of the main attractions in the town and a few tips on accommodation, too.

The surprising thing about this article is that even a couple of years on, people keep commenting on it. Somewhere along the way, it became a bit of a centre for former American service personnel who were stationed in Heilbronn, and pretty much anyone with a connection to the town, and they all show up on this article's web page to make a comment. In fact, if you do a Google search for Heilbronn these days, my article comes up second only to Wikipedia, and is listed before Heilbronn's own official town website. Amazing, hey?


  1. I was in that language school in Heilbronn in Amanda´s class and was so happy to be teached so professional, funny and helpful.
    I met two lovely people there who married a few years later...

    Best wishes to you and Jan from Germany -

    Kisses Karin

  2. I was in that town and worked in the area for two years too... Met some lovely people, but wasn't sad to leave the south of Germany :-)
    Lovely article though - it does bring back good memories!

    Love, Marileen

  3. Thanks Karin and Marileen! Good to hear from people with Heilbronn experience :-)


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