Thursday, December 10, 2009

Passport pirouette: A week in South Korea

Like every South Korean I've met since (and teaching English back here in Australia, I've met several hundred of 'em), the immigration officials at Incheon Airport near Seoul were friendly and polite. Unfortunately that didn't stop them making a mistake and initially stamping my passport to say that I had to leave Korea the same day that I'd arrived - but fortunately they realised, voided the stamp and gave me another pretty one, allowing me to stay 90 days. Unfortunately I only had about 6 days, because I was on holidays from my teaching job in Japan, but I'd love to go back again.

In fact, I think South Korea is a bit like Taiwan - in the sense that there's so much great stuff to see, that it's easy to get around and that the people are helpful, and that it's not too far away from anywhere, yet not that many tourists get there. I know plenty of Australians who go to Japan for a sightseeing trip, but not South Korea. I guess they just need a better publicity machine - their Korea Sparkling campaign might not be doing it for them. Okay, another pledge from me to write more about this great country, and why you should go there. Watch this space.

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