Saturday, December 26, 2009

On not travelling at Christmas time

For the first year I can remember in a long time, I don't have any significant travel plans this Christmas season. I've often made a mad scramble to get off to the airport after family celebrations, or while living overseas have taken off earlier to make the most of whatever holiday allowance I got for Christmas and New Year.

This year, I'm at home, and home looks like this picture on the left. The weather is warm, the pool is refreshing, and the fridge is full of food I love. I still kind of wish I was hauling my backpack around some exotic location, but I also have to admit that for once, it is nice to sit back, relax, not having anything too special to do for a couple of weeks, and enjoy a holiday at home. And every time I see the news headlines of airline, train or road chaos, pretty much all over the world, I remember that the most hazardous thing about the route from my computer to my swimming pool is there might be a sleeping cat to get around.

Anyone else staying home for the holidays? Let me know if it's driving you mad or if it's nice, for once, to be home.


  1. Well, it's easy to stay at home when yours is the kind if spot I'd cancel Christmas for any year just to experience;-)
    Happy Holidays.

  2. Thanks Geir, you're right that we're pretty lucky! My husband (who is German) is always telling me that - and he certainly never thought he'd live in a sunny spot with a swimming pool in his backyard.

  3. Well it is nice to be home for the holidays especially if you're on the road a lot like I am.

    Since I live in Brussels, I still consider Malta to be home which is kind of weird - a home away from home perhaps? Anyway, what always raises a smile is the ability for so many things to change in a country you're familiar with and yet, so many things remain the same too:

    The Unexpected Traveller


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