Sunday, December 20, 2009

Europe, according to a 10-year-old Australian

Quite a few years ago (nearly 25 years ago, but I don't like to say that too loudly) my parents drove my sister and I around Europe in a campervan for six months. To say that had an impact on my future travel bug would be putting it mildly! But in any case, I learnt a heck of a lot about the other side of the world - back then, with no internet and even a lag until we got the latest fashion or technology, Western Australia was really worlds and worlds away from Europe.

Tidying up my bookshelves, I found an old creative writing book from Grade 6. Looks like one day we had to write cinquain poetry (although mine wasn't quite right on the syllable count) and I chose Europe. I laughed at my main impressions - in case you can't read the picture, it goes like this:

cold, wet
different and quaint
lots of people everywhere

Remembering that the six months we spent in Europe covered the European summer, I think it's hilarious that my big impression was still that it was cold and wet - I guess it was, compared to Perth. The fact that it appeared crowded to me is no big surprise, although now I would definitely rate other areas - Japan springs to mind - as much worse. "Different and quaint" - I wonder what my 10-year-old brain thought that meant. I still kind of agree with it!


  1. Wonderful that you kept a journal. I wish I had ;-) Those are the best souvenirs!

  2. That's true, Fida - somewhere I've got a bunch of drawings and stories I wrote while we travelled, I must dig it out sometime!

  3. About Europe being crowded, haven't you been to India? :)

  4. @ ES, very true, your comment made me laugh! Yes, obviously Europe is far from the most crowded part of the world but to a ten-year-old growing up in the country with the third lowest population density in the world (Australia), then even Europe seemed crowded. If I'd gone to India then I think I would have freaked out!!


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