Sunday, November 22, 2009

Web pirouette: Flying the Aussie flag

In recent writing, I've been flying the Aussie flag a little: certainly at Jaunted, where I proudly put Vegemite in the #1 position on my list of the Top Five Aussie Foods to try; a little less proudly, I had to mention an additional ban on alcohol on some intrastate Qantas flights because some of the fly-in, fly-out workers were getting, shall we say, over exuberant.

But it's not all Down Under for me. Europe always gets plenty of mentions, not least because it's a continent full of so much variety - this month I blogged about chocolate in Estonia and day-trips to Trnava, Slovakia, to name but two. Over at HotelChatter I was also interested to learn that a pretty snazzy hotel has opened up in one of my favourite countries, Tunisia, and I wonder if my budget will stretch to this new Monastir resort next time I'm there; I also wonder if the funny (and cheap) place right on the beach where I did stay on my trip to Monastir still exists; I remember meeting an unusual Scandinavian there, but can't remember his nationality or why he was so unusual.

Finally, I'm also doing some real Australian blogging, yes, for an Australian blog (no wonder I'm flying the Aussie flag in this post) - it's not travel, but something that still affects me a lot, and perhaps curtails my travel - mortgages. It's strangely satisfying to help pay the mortgage bill by complaining about mortgages.

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