Friday, November 20, 2009

Picture pirouette: Ports and coffee shops in Seattle

I'd almost forgotten that I'd ever been to Seattle: it was back in 2002 when, from Japan, we went to visit a friend in relatively nearby Vancouver. Looking back through my photos of the trip, I can recall visiting all the usual tourist spots there, but it was the port that seemed to fascinate me most, both with the huge cruise ships heading off for Alaska, and the working side of it, with these fantastic orange cranes.

That, and for the first time, I didn't feel like it was wrong to go to Starbucks. Usually I'd feel a bit like you do if you eat at a fast food franchise when you're travelling - you know you really should try something local, and you're just being lazy if you go for what's familiar. But Seattle, of course, is the very home of Starbucks, which makes drinking something here the very epitome of doing something local.

(Just for the record, this feeling has since extended to "anywhere in the USA is OK for Starbucks", after we absolutely gorged ourselves on Starbucks during our honeymoon in New York. Hmm, seems the rules are always changing, even if I'm the one making them!)

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