Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Made in Taiwan, seen in Taiwan

While I was living in Japan, I was keen to visit nearby countries, and none more so than Taiwan. Why? That's easy - it's because when I was a kid, pretty much everything I owned had a label saying Made in Taiwan. It's only natural that as an adult, I'd still have the curiosity to go visit the place where seemingly everything was made.

I spent most of my week in the capital, Taipei, which was bustling and busy, but no great shock after living in Osaka. What I did love was moments like you see in this picture: these locals are practicing tai-chi, as they apparently do every morning, outside one of the most important buildings in Taipei - the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, erected in memory of the former president. Having learnt all about him in high school history classes, it was all the more significant to me to sightsee around here.

It's been a week of thinking about Taiwan - for the first time, the most represented country in my current ESL class is Taiwan (and yes, at our school, we consider it a country); and when channel-surfing this week, my husband landed on the commercial travel show Getaway and we watched a feature on Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan - it's pretty rare to see tourism promotion for Taiwan here in Australia. But I'm keen to get back there: my first taste was great, and now that I've met a lot more of the locals and had some insider tips, I'm eager to see more. Even if most stuff is now made in neighbouring China instead.

PS: Just found even more promotion for Taiwan, with an article in our local paper describing Taiwan as easy on the wallet - among other good reasons to go there.

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  1. Taipei rocks!! We had a bit of a family get together there for my cousin's wedding to a sassy Taiwanese dentist. Great fun getting the families together. Even if the events themselves are a little blurry, the overall sense of the city lingers with that warm glow of bustling streets and delicious smells. Get on over there. Quirky, ancient and driven all at once.


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