Sunday, November 08, 2009

Lonely Planet says south-west Oz is great (I already knew)

I'm not sure I'm pleased that the Lonely Planet mob have listed the south-west of my home state, Western Australia, as one of the "the regions to visit" in 2010 in their new guide on destination trends - I don't want everybody to discover it! The LP summary ends like this:
The great outdoors rules, with wine, water, woodlands and walks defining the region.
All true. Our south-west is a glorious region - looking back over my blog, I'm surprised at how little I've written on it, but you can get a taste with this cave near Dunsborough and a summary of last year's SW tour. And the picture above is of the historic (and really long) Busselton jetty, also in the region, but apparently under some more repairs at the moment, according to a student of mine who tried to walk along it last month.

With most of my grandparents living in the south-west, and a holiday shack there to boot, I spent a lot of my childhood holidays in the region, and still love to return there regularly. And from Perth, there aren't too many other options for a weekend away - that ol' Aussie distance problem soon kicks in. I'll share some more highlights of our south-west in the next few months, so you'll believe how much I love it.

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