Friday, March 13, 2009

My picks on the 2009 Travel Blogger Awards

Just a quick note to urge all you travel blog lovers to vote for Lonely Planet's 2009 Travel Blogger Awards, because the voting finishes up in a week on March 20, 2009. The nominees for the awards are pretty much all sites, people and blogs that I actually like and fit into my image of what travel blogging should be, so I think it's a great event to support.

And while you're utterly entitled to your own opinion, let me try to sway your judgment for a couple of categories. In the Best Travelogue section, my Vagabondish colleague Nora Dunn has been nominated with her Professional Hobo blog - you might remember I mentioned Nora as she got caught up in the Victorian bushfires recently. Secondly, in the Best Podcast category my tip is for the Indie Travel Podcast. Not because I've mentioned it before, but because just last week I met Craig and Linda, who run this site, through an odd chance at a pub - yes, in little old Perth - and not only are they lovely people, but their work is great too. Vote and check the nominee list for more great blog finds by going to the award site.


  1. Thank you so much for the vote of confidence (pardon the pun)! Cheers...Nora, The Professional Hobo.

  2. I voted for the Professional Hobo!

    I'll always vote for a hobo, nomad or fellow vagabond!

  3. Good on you Chris, and I definitely agree that hobos, nomads and vagabonds have to stick together!

  4. Hi Amanda,
    Might be a bit off topic but I seem to remember you writing at HubPages some time ago? Good to see you're still doing the travel writing thing.


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