Monday, March 23, 2009

Amanda's brush with an English bobby

Me, on the right - in a photo that might not be allowed to be taken these days (almost - cough - 25 years later). Last month when the new laws came out in Britain forbidding pictures of London bobbies, I remembered this photo, but I've only just unearthed it.

What's most significant about this picture, though, is not my run-in with the law (because I've certainly not made a habit of hanging round with policemen since). More interesting is the fact that this was an early moment in my first big travelling experience. My travel-loving parents were my original budget travel influences, because they took my sister and I around Europe in a campervan for six months when I was nine. No prizes for guessing that this trip absolutely kickstarted my love of travel. (Perhaps I could sue my parents for all the costs I have incurred through my travel addiction?)

Reader question: How did your love of travel start? Can you attribute it to childhood travel, to books you loved or films you watched, or did it start in adulthood? I'm curious, so let me know in the comments.


  1. Love the pic!! I always gave a double-take when I saw a bobby in London. My travel addiction began when my best friend moved to London after her wedding. Later in life I thought, if she can do it...why can't I? Now, I'll never be too far from my small suitcase and a book about a far away land.

  2. i think what sparked off my desire for travel were the enid blyton books when i was younger. i dreamed of going to the place where enid writes about, and inevitably when i read more, i get to know more about the lands beyond my island home Singapore. :)

  3. For some unknown reason, my parents sent me to Honduras when I was two years old (how many two year olds have a passport?) and I haven't been the same since.

  4. Hey I have a photo with an English Bobby too...but not nearly as early as yours. I think my love of travel was a similar thing. Being shipped around the country side as a military brat instilled the itchy feet in me forever!


  5. I think my love of travel started after my family moved to South America when I was 6. Life back in canada just seemed so different when we went "home" to visit. Since then I have loved to travel and learn about new cultures and languages.


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