Saturday, February 28, 2009

Vladivostok, Rottnest Island and Italian art: All in a week's mail

I've had a sudden influx of mail from Ballerina readers, with questions and comments about all kinds of different topics, and every email I get makes me smile - it's nice to know there are real people out there reading this blog. I had a great message from Zachary who's planning to head off on the Trans-Siberian and was hoping for some advice after learning I'd started from Vladivostok - as well as writing back to him, he inspired me to write up my post on Tackling the Trans-Siberian.

A German named Marco who's studying journalism for a short time here in Perth contacted me with a slightly obscure question about my favourite island, Rottnest. He was looking for German people who had lived and worked there - but it's really got a tiny population of permanent workers who actually stay on the island, so I wonder if any Germans have ever lived there at all. Just the same, the question was an interesting one. And it gave me a chance to dig through my photos of Rottnest with its gorgeous aqua sea.

But sometimes I just can't help. A painter named Lucas from Philadelphia read one of my old Jaunted posts on some frescoes they unearthed at Pompeii a while back - and he wanted to talk about Italian art with me; definitely not my special area. But it was nice to know I obviously sounded vaguely expert in my blog post.

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