Sunday, February 08, 2009

Travel dreams - literally - of busy Vietnamese streets

Perhaps it's because I haven't travelled outside of Australia for about (gasp) two years ... or perhaps it's just evidence that my brain travels constantly with or without my body - last night I had a really vivid dream about taking my husband on a trip to Vietnam.

He's never been there, but I'm sure he would like it. In my dream, we were standing at the side of a busy road in a city - I think it was Ho Chi Minh City, but that's just a feeling. What seemed like millions of locals on motorbikes were flashing past us, but we weren't even trying to cross the road. In my dream, I told him about my first trip there, and how it took me a couple of days to get the confidence to cross the road and understand that all those bikes would just go round me - waiting for the road to be clear would mean I'd never get across.

That's it - that's the whole dream, or what I can remember of it. Any dream interpreters out there who can tell me what it means? Sadly it's probably nothing to do with travel, right? I'd love it to be a prediction of our next trip, though!


  1. I think crossing a street in HCMC is one of those experiences that leaves a mark on you. It defies description. I don't claim to be a dream analyst, but I think it just means you want to go back :^).

  2. Peter, I think you're right. It's quite an accomplishment! And I'd guess that your dream analysis is probably right on the mark...


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