Saturday, February 21, 2009

Perth? It's as relaxed as this koala

Lately a lot more people seem to be interested in Perth.

That's handy for me, because it's my hometown, and although I might have left it once, I've prodigally returned, and my big mortgage tells me I'm probably here to stay. But Perth is in some ways an odd city, not least because many recognise it as the most isolated city in the world. What a claim to fame.

I'm going to be writing more about Perth in various spots soon, and I'm a bit ashamed that I haven't told you more about the hometown that I'm actually quite proud of. Sure, I mentioned some posts I'd done on Perth more than a year ago, and I did let you in on the secret of backyard swimming pool life in Perth.

People know so little about Perth that it surprises me - although in turn I often know little about their cities. It's the fourth largest city in Australia, not too far behind Brisbane, although pretty much dwarfed by Sydney and Melbourne. And according to Google Maps it's 2,693km away from the next city, Adelaide.

As a city, it's a real mixed bag. I'm going to be telling you more about it, but before I do, I'm curious to find out what you want to know. Leave your Perth questions in the comments and I promise to answer them for you.


  1. Hi Amanda...

    I've got a question about the bell-thingy in the photo that you posted. I was there late last year, but it was pouring with rain and I was on a work trip so I didn't see much. I did get to the bell-(tower?) thingy, but they were closing and I wasn't sure that it was worth paying the $10 entrance fee when the receptionist couldn't give me a good description of what I would be seeing.... other than "Bells".

  2. Via Twitter: Taraskipp said - Am heading to WA for the first time later this year... would love a 'how to spend a weekend in Perth' post.

  3. @ Fe, you probably made the right decision - the Bell Tower is nice'n'all but the receptionist's description is pretty accurate - there are a lot of bells, and info about bells! If you are there at midday (most days) when they actually ring the bells, it's worth it, or on a sunny day the views are quite nice too - but on a rainy day with no bell-ringing, skipping it was the right thing to do!

    @ Taraskipp, definitely a "weekend in Perth" post coming up.

  4. Thanks Amanda...

    I'm glad I didn't miss out on something spectacular... especially as I had a Swede in tow who will probably never get another chance to visit Perth!

    My favourite part was Kings Park. Almost cried when I read about the fire there.


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