Monday, January 19, 2009

Web pirouette: Australia, Australia and more Australia

With Australia Day just one week away, I'm getting all patriotic with my web pirouette this week. I guess I'm lucky I was born in a country that heaps of travelers want to hear about so I can keep regurgitating tales of the so-called "Lucky Country" - and here's a few of them from what I've written in the last couple of weeks:
  • On planning: a round-up of how my half-planning for our New South Wales trip panned out
  • On accommodation during my trip to Sydney: immediately after Christmas we got a great deal at the Menzies Hotel near Wynyard Station and on our way back home from the Hunter Valley we spent a night timing our showers at the Ibis Darling Harbour - both a bit classier than the usual places I'd stay, but hard to resist on super-cheap last-minute prices
  • On sightseeing in New South Wales: read about cat skeletons and funky art and hanging out at the Hunter Valley Gardens.
  • On getting out there - really out there - have a look at how to get to the Aussie outback
  • And finally, on having a great coffee close to home: how Exomod are expanding their delicious cafes across Perth.


  1. Hi (:
    Heath Ledger was from Perth, correct?
    I'll look your site later, should eat something. (a sandwich... maybe)

    Well... Good luck!
    And if you want to see my own sites in the internet, I invite you. //

    P.S - I Regret writing badly. I'm argentinian.
    P.S2 - I'll try to understand your blog.
    P.S3 - I love your country.

  2. Correct about Heath Ledger :-) Don't worry about your English, my Spanish is much worse! Hope you get to Australia some time.


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