Friday, January 23, 2009

Test your travel knowledge (or just get cleverer!) with JetPunk

This is not advertising, even though when you click over to the JetPunk site it might look like it. But trust me. Scroll down past the booking and search bit and you'll get to a list of JetPunk quizzes. I totally blame Mike at Vagabondish for introducing me to this site, but it's a great way to test (and improve) your geography, and I think that's a really important prerequisite for traveling.

Some of my favourite quizzes here include:
  • Fill in the map (I'm good at Europe and South America, very bad at Africa)
  • How many countries can you name (I got 78 the first time round which isn't too shameful but could be a lot better)
  • Name world languages (I got all the European ones and a lot of Asian ones, but I'm ashamed to say that there were dozens of African and Asian languages that I'd never even heard of!)
  • Guess the country from its shape
  • City skyline quiz
It's not just that these are fun to do, but - on a slightly serious note, if I may - it's pretty important that people know this stuff. You've all seen those "hilarious" news reports when people couldn't identify Iraq on a map, even though it's been in the news every day for years now. I know I should know a lot more about Africa, for example, and hope to correct that with a bit of practice soon! Of course, knowing where a country physically sits is only a small step on the way to understanding more about its people and culture, but you have to start somewhere.

Anyway, have a go at some of the quizzes and let me know how you go! And don't be embarrassed if guessing the countries of Africa goes badly for you, because mine was a pretty big disaster. Enjoy.


  1. I've been taking quiz’s as well and Mike at Vagabondish is defiantly to blame.

  2. BTW
    has a few map like trivia

  3. What do you say about 100% for Africa with 1:21 left?
    I won't start on Oceania ;-) But thank's for the tip.


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