Saturday, January 24, 2009

Picture pirouette: A cat and its portrait, Hualien, Taiwan

During the week I caught up with a lovely Taiwanese ex-student of mine (hi Maggie!) and this meeting sent me reminiscing back to my folder of photos from a brief visit to Taiwan. Although most of the time was spent in the bustle of Taipei, eating fantastic Taiwan-style Chinese food, I also spent a couple of days on the east coast of Taiwan in Hualien. On a coastal walk there, I found long walls of murals and paintings, and all of a sudden, I spotted this cat posing in front of what could only be his portrait. And this picture proves to me that Taiwan is not just the place that sews or sticks the "Made in Taiwan" label on tonnes of manufactured goods, and not just the place that races with places like Japan and South Korea to create new technology - it's also a place of surprises. I like that.

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