Monday, January 12, 2009

Not A Ballerina catches up to 2009

May I be one of the last people on earth to wish you a Happy New Year? Yes, I've been on holidays and stayed thoroughly on holidays, with barely a check of my email, and now I'm back at my desk and ready to blog again.

My stay in Sydney and the Hunter Valley was fantastic, and over the next week or so I'll let you know some of the highlights of the trip.

This New Year's Eve was spent celebrating with our great friends Jack and Maria in the sleepy New South Wales town of Cooranbong. It might have 4,500 inhabitants and its very own Wikipedia entry, but it doesn't have a pub, so we stayed home and enjoyed Jack's famous fried rice, and a glass or two of wine.

I love the New Year season, with fresh starts, new resolutions and looking at goals again. This year I'll be launching a new feature on Not A Ballerina (a secret for now), looking back over some of my old travels, planning ahead for some new ones, including a stay in South Australia in May, and continuing to showcase some of my writing with web pirouettes and my photos with picture pirouettes. So to all Ballerina readers, a belated welcome to 2009 and I hope it brings you good traveling and lots of joy.

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