Monday, December 15, 2008

Web pirouette: Vegemite, Moscow metros and nature vs nurture

Ah, I love my blogging jobs. I get to break super-important news like the fact that there'll probably be a Vegemite Museum in Melbourne soon. Unfortunately my American colleagues decided to call this "gross on toast" but they should note this photo to the left which proves that even Germans will eat Vegemite (or at least put it perilously close to their mouths).

This week I also had the chance to revisit the Moscow metro system which leads a second life as an art gallery - I've spent two mornings on two separate trips riding the train from stop to stop admiring the mosaics, sculptures and stained glass. Sure puts Perth train stations to shame!

In the hotel side of my writing life I wrote up a Sacramento hotel that's perfect for politics geeks - it even has the California constitution printed on the lampshades. And at Vagabondish I pondered the question of whether the travel bug comes from nature or nurture - judging by the comments, it's coming in around 50-50, and the same probably goes for me.

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  1. Hi just wanted you to know I linked a post on my blog to your article about nature vs. nurture on the travel site you write for. Nicely done!


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